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RBD Coconut Oil

RBD Coconut Oil is produced by processing the Crude coconut oil by refining, bleaching, and then deodorizing (RBD) to make it suitable for food applications. The resulting RBD coconut oil is bland in taste, light in colour, lacks off-flavors and has good resistance to oxidation, imparting superior tasting and keeping qualities on finished products. RBD Coconut Oil is also used in the production of coconut based specialty fats such as margarine fats, shortening, creaming fats, ice cream fats, etc. RBD Coconut Oil is excellent as cooking oil and can withstand high temperatures and it does not breakdown easily compared to other oils. Unlike polyunsaturated oils that easily combine with oxygen in air to become rancid, coconut oil has a natural resistance to oxidation. Copra is contaminated with bacteria and mold which is why RBD Oil has to undergo extensive processing. The result is a colorless, odorless and flavorless type of coconut oil. RBD Oil made from copra is clear and pure. You have to smell and taste the difference. RBD Coconut Oil is scentless and odorless. The coconut oil does not cause an increase in the level of cholesterol. RBD Coconut Oil increases the level of HDL (known as good cholesterol) while it decreases the level LDL (known as bad cholesterol) in humans.

Packing :
  • 20 kg jerry can with carton box
  • 15 kg tins with carton box
  • 180 kg barrel

RBD Coconut Oil Specification
Issue Date :Revision No: 00
Revision Date:Page No: 1 / 1

Company : South India IndustriesStandart No : QOST 24085
Product Description : 100% refined coconut oil
Packaging Type :
Transportation Packaging Type :
Analysis NameParametersTypicalAnalysis Methot
A. Phsical-Chemical
Moisture 105oC-de W %max. 0.10.03%QOST 976
Fat Content Y %min. 99.9100QOST 976
Free Faty Acids FFA %max. 0.10.03QOST 5476
PV mmol / kq Omax. 0.50QOST 26593 - 85
Melting Points MP oC24 - 2624 - 26QOST 976
Iodine Value7.5 - 10.510.1-
NMR* 10 oC-81%Bruker NMR
NMR* 20 oC-34%-
NMR* 30 oC-0%Bruker NMR
B. Sensorial Quality
Colour* Lovibod 5 ¼ cell redMax.1.5 red1.2 redQOST 5477 - 93
C. Heavy MetalsSanQveN 5061 - 89--
Iron (Fe) Fe, ppm (mq / kq)max. 1.50.3QOST 26928 - 86
Mis (Cu) Cu, ppm (mq / kq)max. 0.1< 0.1QOST 26931 - 86
As As,ppm (mq / kg)max. 0.1< 0.1QOST 26931 - 86
PB Pb, ppm (mq / kg)max.0.1< 0.1QOST 26931 - 86
Nikel (Ni) Ni, ppm (mq / kq)max.0.1< 0.1QOST 28414 - 89
Storage Conditions : Cool and dry place of below 25 oC and 60% relative Humidity. Store away from direct sunlight. Store away from odoriferous materials.
Shelf Life : 12 months