South India Industries

Natural Coconut Water

We are one of the trusted names in the Indian Natural Products Segment, when it comes to superior quality Natural Coconut Water. We offer Coconut Water which is procured from fresh and natural coconuts and is therefore termed as the best available option in the market. Low in fat, calories and cholesterol, our Natural Coconut Water has several therapeutic properties for which it is praised.

Processing :
Coconut Water of 6-7 month stage is first filtered through pressure filters and then mixed with the desired proportion of additives plus sugar and concentrated to the appropriate level. The water is then packed in pouches/cans and retorted in an autoclave, after which it is cooled in a stream of cold water.

Why our Natural Coconut Water ?
  • Processed from fresh and natural coconuts
  • Thirst quenching refreshing health drink
  • Is low in fat, calories
  • Sterile & nutritious
  • No cholesterol

Rich in :
  • Natural sugars
  • Salts
  • Vitamins

Packing :
  • 1.200 ml pp bottle
  • 2.330 ml tins


pH 4.5
Total Solids 4.71 g/100 ml
Sucrose 1.28 g/100ml
Total Sugar 2.08 g/100ml
Ash 0.62 g/100ml